2015 = Ideas + prototyping

    Design Thinking, FabLab and 3D printing

    We really applied the new way of designing products with minimal resources and maximum iterations - and a lot of attention to the real needs of the end users: the cyclists of the 21st century.

    2016 = Crowdfunding

    Thanks to our 1000 backers!

    By pre-ordering the product they allowed us to finance the industrialization, the molds and the first batch. Since the delivery, their feedback and comments have allowed us to improve our software.

    2017 = Industrialization

    From pre-series to a finished product

    We work with a French manufacturer for PCBAs, electronic components and plastic parts. Their suppliers are in China, and they have their own production and assembly unit in Tunisia.

    NOW = Commercial launch

    HAIKU available since December 2017

    You are now able to order your HAIKU on our eSHOP at a price of 129€ (+shipping). Be sure that by buying the product you are allowing us to continue this exciting journey to create a great bike accessory for urban cyclists.


    for the best bike and smartphone accessory

    Whether looking for speed, fresh air or peace-of-mind, the urban cyclist is above all a nomad looking for the best way to go from A to B. With a dose of unconsciousness and sometimes convictions, he proudly rides among droves of motorized vehicles, dreaming of a world where soft mobility have become the norm.


    When his wheels begin to roll, focused on the road, he must be sure that his equipment brings him complete serenity. It starts with his beloved bike, whether modern or vintage, expensive or affordable, pampered or sleeping outside. And increasingly, this means accessories which are key for comfort and security.


    At ASPHALT Lab, we ride a lot and we designed HAIKU, a 21st century accessory to make the link between your smartphone and your bike. It does not have the ambition to revolutionize the world, but just to conquer the hearts of urban cyclists, avoiding them stop every 500 meters to check their way.


    HAIKU is our first product, it is still sometimes fickle but always persevering. Perfection is an unreachable goal, and until we get close to it, we commit ourselves to strive everyday, with our limited means, to improve HAIKU.

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