With the information you need on your handlebars, you can leave your smartphone in your pocket.


Enter an address in our app, and you will be guided to your destination – without the need to stop to check your smartphone


The app records each ride, with stats accessible live on HAIKU or as synthesis by day / week / month


Configure the communications of your iPhone from which you want to be notified (feature available soon for Android)

How does it work

Designed for urban cyclists >> Fast and efficient


Set up

Install HAIKU on its dock and connect it (automatic on iPhone, in 3 clicks on Android)2


Enter your destination in the HAIKU app, choose your route, and start Navigation3

Just ride!

HAIKU displays a simple and effective Turn-by-Turn Navigation

  • Have several bikes?No problem, HAIKU is very easy to transfer.
    And you can even install it in seconds if you rent / borrow a bike.
  • Worried that HAIKU can not fit on your handlebars?The magnetic dock is small and is fixed with its non-slippery strap + you can choose the orientation of the HAIKU screen.
  • Are the routes reliable and suitable for cycling?Our app integrates Bike Navigation from Skobbler which is used by hundreds of thousands of cyclists around the world.